Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hopelessly Devoted

I'd always wanted to be Sandy, ever since I saw Grease at the Lithgow Drive-in. I spent much of the 80's singing Hopelessly Devoted to You,  swaying around the backyard, imaging I was wearing a white nightdress.

I can sing, and can sing well.  So I've always had the ability to channel the voice of Sandy. I can even hit and sustain the high notes at the end of 'Summer Nights', without sounding like it's blowing out my nose or arse.

My problem was I failed in the style department. I didn't have the Sandy hairdo, to complete the look.

In the 80's, my hair was mousy brown and way too long. My little sister had platinum blonde hair and  it was cut in a lovey Sandy-styled bob. However when playing Grease, there was a strict sibling pecking order.

Big Sister = being the boss and playing the best and beautiful characters = Sandy

Little Sister = being subordinate and playing the ugly characters = Jan  

In reality when it came to looks, my little sister looked more like Sandy & I was similar to Jan. However rules are rules,  and my little sister had fear of being punched if she ever raised this issue and made suggestions to swap roles.

In the 90's I had flame red hair with a gigantic fringe perfectly coiffed and held together with a whole can of hairspray. I was more interested in Nirvana and Doc Martins and had no interest to channel Sandy (well not publicly anyway). This decade was known as the Dark Ages.

In the Naughties I still had flame red hair cut in the 'pob' style and had progressed to singing other Olivia hits. I had added Physical to my repertoire and it featured at any Karaoke opportunity.

In early 2010, I got sick of ranga jokes and decided I needed a change. I have a fabulous hairdresser who transformed my hair progressively from fire red to creamy blonde.

After a night out with work colleagues, I recently discovered I have the ability to completely channel Sandy from Grease. My life's work is done!!

The moment was perfect. I was doing a duet with a work-mate, who in the Karaoke strobe light, looked a bit like John Travolta. We had just finished singing 'The Grease Mega-Mix' which tantalises the audience with lovely musical snippets from Grease. My groupies (work colleagues) were all standing up the front of the stage, gazing and applauding me in admiration.

I spotted my reflection in the mirrors on the wall. I had blonde, shoulder length hair, perfectly styled. The moment had finally arrived!!

  I AM SANDY!!!!!

Who did you play in Grease?
Who do you channel?


  1. You funny girl. I love this

  2. Grease Lightning!

  3. I always found myself pretending to idolize Sandy because, well everyone wanted to be her but.... (warning of impending confession)....
    I didn't really dig Sandy til she hit the leathers at the end.
    Therefore I am, and have always really been, deep down, a brash Betty Rizzo.

  4. aaah ok so you prefer the 'bad' Sandy rather than the good' Sandy. I also must confess that 'bad' Sandy is better too. Those skin tight black pants were sprayed on!
    Rizzo was my second fave.

  5. Ok I can't lie, I was more a Kira from Xanadu girl. I used to rollerskate from one end of our verandah to the other singing "Have to believe we are magic...". I still listen to the cd in the car when I'm alone.. What is it about Olivia Newton-John?

  6. Excellent Marissa! Did you have the adjustable rollerskates that were placed over the top of joggers? or did you have the nice boot rollerskates?
    Olivia was the ultimate!!!!

  7. Oh I had the adjustable shoe covering type!!!! Lol

  8. So did I Steph, they were not as flash as the boots, but i loved them! :-)