Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Lady Aaliyah

Aaliyah (photography by Frost & Roxburgh)

Ever since the day my niece Aaliyah arrived, she changed our family.  We love more, we laugh so hard our stomachs hurt. Aaliyah has made us better people. She has brought love, laughter and light into our lives.

Aaliyah is 6 and has Down Syndrome, but that does not define who she is. Aaliyah is in kindergarten,  she loves pink, she plays with barbie dolls, is cheeky and has a wicked sense of humour.

Like most young ladies, Aaliyah absolutely loves to dance. She performs shows for the family and is creative with her dancing technique. She will often use props that truly compliment her performance. Recently I edited a video of Aaliyah dancing. It was based on video footage I had taken when she was about 3 or 4 years old.

Aaliyah was so impressed, she loved watching herself on TV. Her face lit up with the biggest smile. She danced along and it truly warmed my heart to see something so simple as a DVD, absolutely make her day. Aaliyah thanked me with the biggest hug and the most beautiful smile.

Aaliyah has her own portable DVD player, so she took her DVD, went into her room and shut the door. She played this footage for hours on repeat in her room.

I thought I would share the video I made just for Aaliyah.

Dancing with Aaliyah 
Music:  Bubbly (written by Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves)


  1. The tears are welling up. So cute and so Aaliyah :) Well done Rach.

  2. Thank-you you for sharing that was beautiful it brought tears to my eyes:)<3

  3. Thankyou, glad you found it moving. I get tears too when I watch it :-)

  4. So lovely made me cry and laugh simultaneously! What a precious girl :0)

  5. Lady Rebekah A Holmes nee McDonough of Cardiff HeightsOctober 30, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    What a gorgeous lady!

  6. Thank you Lady Rebekah, she is a gorgeous lady :-)

  7. OMG. So to start with, how did I not know that Lady Daa Doo existed til now? I am officially in love and can already see that I have so much to catch up on.

    You are brilliant and wonderful and amazing and your absolute unconditional love for your gorgeous Aaliya tells me some day you will make an amazing mummy (as if I didin't already know that). That little girl is so blessed to have you - as are the rest of us. xoxoxo

  8. Cried the first time I saw this, cried again just now. Aali is a VERY special little girl, there's something about her that just makes you love her. Great video. Nat xox

  9. Thankyou Nat. She is a special girl, and a damn funny one too. :-)

  10. Thank you Think Big.Start small. I love you too!
    We are blessed to have Aaliyah in our world. She rocks it!

  11. how precious is she and that adorable video!

  12. Tanks pve :-) She sure is adorable!