Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saying I Doo

As a young lady I'd never dreamt of a big white wedding. In fact, I was planning on staying single, and if I absolutely had to get married, my intent was to elope to Vegas and say "I do" in front of a drunken Elvis and tattoo my wedding band on my finger Pamela Anderson style.

I'm getting married in May next year.

And I'm having a REAL wedding with guests, and food and aisles and cars and flowers and wedding dress and celebrant and bridesmaids and flower girls and tables and 'the time warp' and shoes and politics and champagne and photographs and honeymoon and cakes and speeches and spray-tans and expense and fucking everything!!

I have morphed into a BRIDE-WANNABE!! Its true!

All I talk about is weddings, and once I start, I just can't stop! I know people are bored, because I can see them yawning, even those polite people that try and disguise it by yawning with their mouth closed. I can see their eyes water as they pull a strange face, thinking that I can't see them yawn!!  Trying to hide!! It makes me want to talk about it even more!! In fact when people do the 'pretend' yawn, it makes me want to get out my scrapbook of wedding ideas that I lovingly cut and pasted together.

So how did I transform? What what was the catalyst that changed Lady Daa Doo from non-wedding to full-blown-smack-ya-in-the-face-and-tits wedding??!

Well it was Lord Daa Doo. (nawwwwwwwww)

He really wants a wedding.

So what does a true lady do? Well Lady Daa Doo will have a wedding! And you know what? I'm pretty friggin excited about it!!

Lady Daa Doo

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