Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daa Doo Manor : Shabby Chic Wall Art

In addition to solving the problems of the world, I thought I would solve some interior design problems and show you the creative ways I have decorated Daa Doo Manor. These will be included with some step by step instructions so you can replicate the same look in your homestead.

Today I will show you how to create your very own shabby chic piece of wall art.

Step One.
Obtain an old timber window frame. I found this one at a building recycling centre for $50. As usual I wanted something big, so the size I chose was 1.6 metres by 1.2 metres.

Step Two.
Ask (or order) the household-help to screw some heavy duty hooks into the back of the window so that it can be hung on the wall. You will need to ensure your hooks can support the weight.

You can see Lord Daa Doo, in this picture busy screwing. I am supervising the screwing.

Step Four.
The flakey paint will need to be removed. Now don't remove all the paint from the frame, remember we are after that shabby look. You just need to remove the flakey paint. I used a dry scrubbing brush and rubbed it over window. Once the flakey paint is removed, clean the window frame with some soapy hot water, and then clean the glass with glass cleaner.

Note: This window frame was old,and in ye olden days, paint was lead-based. So for your health, please wear a mask and some leopard print rubber gloves.

Step Five
Now you can get creative!! Source some interesting pictures or family photographs you would like to display. The type of pictures you choose depends on the theme you are going for. I love collecting cards, and I had in my collection some cards that had a colour theme of black, red and white. These were pefect!!
The window frame had 12 available places for pictures, I chose to make it look random rather than ordered. I placed 8 pictures in the frames and left 4 spaces vacant. You can choose to put 12 pictures in, its really up to you. My preferance was to spread the pictures out.

I fastened the pictures by using a little dob of glue, so they could stick to the glass.

Step Six
Once you are happy with your arrangement, order the household-help to hang it for you. You might need to stand a short distance away and bark orders such as:
"Its too low"
"Lift it higher!!"
"It's slightly down on the left!!"
"No!! you idiot, the left!!"

Here is Lord Daa Doo hanging the frame and being barked at. If you have dogs, (as you can see I have one on the lounge), and you are being accussed of barking, you can simply blame them.

Step Seven
Once the frame is hung, sit back, admire the finished product, and relax with a big fat kick arse glass of wine cup-of-tea.


  1. Fabulous! Love the doggies too! and the gloves...

  2. Thanks Miss T, it's important to have proper gloves and it's vital they are leopard print!!

    Madam B - Thank you for your compliment. I recall making a certain madam a mirror for their 21st birthday. Has it survived or did it fall apart?

  3. Very noice, very noice indeed! I have just acquired a cupboard that I want to turn into a computer desk/storage cupboard, I will try the barking of orders to see if I can get this achieved, very good advice there :-)

  4. That sounds like an interesting project! Good luck with the barking :)

  5. You totally need to patent that little gem. Love it.