Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saying I Doo: Statement Wedding Shoes

When getting married it's a perfect opportunity to have fabulous feet.

Who cares if the wedding dress covers them!!! Who cares if your feet burn like someone has decided to butt out a 40 pack of cigarettes all at once on your feet!!! I certainly don't.

What's important is:
  • your feet look fabulous,
  • you can stomp on bridesmaids feet when they are being bitches,
  • and you can do the Nutbush or Time Warp without a shoe flying off your foot and taking out Auntie Jane's eye

Remember love hurts, so if you love your shoes, expect them to hurt. Its a reality, so deal with it.

There is no such thing as a fabulously sexy, blingy shoe that also feels comfortable. If that's what you are after, go shop for shoes at the chemist.

When choosing my statement wedding shoes, I found many possibilities.

All of these shoes are divine and went straight on the wish list! It was difficult to decide on colour or bling!

PeepToe Shoes

Christian Louboutin

The Winner

Well I decided on bling bling, and found these shoes by chance! I am very happy, and can quite confidently stomp, kick, moonwalk, Time Warp, and Nutbush.


I love love love them and decided to marry them instead....so sorry Lord Daa Doo, you're dropped!!

hmmm.....how to consummate the marriage without puncturing an ovary?


  1. AllyOops, if you the marry the shoes instead of Little Lord Fauntleroy can I still be your Sister in Law?

  2. Of course you can AllyOops, nothing will ever get in the way of us becoming Sisters-in-law!!! I might even let you borrow the shoes!!

  3. Beautiful inspiration. I’m a classic girl when it comes to weddings, so I’d go for the sparkly one’s.

  4. You have chosen a wedding dress, veil and gloves; you already know what type of wedding bouquet you will have and what about the wedding shoes?