Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lady Advice and Etiquette - Are You a Floordrober?

Have you got shitloads of clothes and not enough cupboard space? Here is a solution!! THE FLOORDROBE!!.

A floordrobe is A form of storage for clothing which requires no hangers, drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe.

I have a lot of experience with this technique, so I am very confident to share some expert advice. My family has a rich tradition of storing clothing in a floordrobe, I am marrying a floordrobe expert and personally I have used a floordrobe for a number of years.

One of the earliest memories I have of Lord Daa Doo was his amazing bedroom!! He had the most brilliant floordrobe! Lord Daa Doo utilised the floordrobe to perfection. He had a chest of drawers that had 7 drawers. All of the drawers were open and every single one had absolutely nothing in it. Nothing!! In fact evidence suggested the chest of drawers hadn't been used for a number of years. Copious amounts of dust had built up on the bottom of each drawer. Who knew what was lurking beneath the piles of clothes, towels, sheets, and pillows? Sometimes at night I could hear someone's muffled crying. Thinking back now, I can't remember seeing Lord Daa Doo's flatmate for quite a while.

Admittedly, in my apartment above, I too furnished a floordrobe. It was not as miraculous as my future husband's as I still utilised my actual wardrobe for 'good clothes' and utilised my floordrobe for 'play clothes'.

 I recall wearing a pair of floordrobe jeans and being totally horrified when a pair of undies trapped in the leg of the jeans, escaped and decided to fall out when in the middle of a pedestrian crossing.  Note to all floordrobers -  check floordrobe clothing for underwear before leaving the house!

Got a small space? Don't worry, you can still have a Floordrobe!!

My little sister - nickname: Ballistic Missile - had a narrow bedroom.  When Ballistic Missile was about 14 she created 'The Great Dividing Floordrobe'. This was a mountain of clothing that stretched very high, it had deep valleys that were like stepping stones. The deep valleys made a path from the door to the bed.  Years later, when the room was eventually cleaned we found a mummified mouse.

The Great Dividing Floordrobe

Not sure how to start a floordrobe? Just get creative!!

My Aunt - nickname: Jumbo Tits - had a chairdrobe that evolved into a floordrobe. This was amazing and very creative!!  Jumbo Tits had a chair in her room and threw all her clothes & towels on it. Over time, the pile of clothes grew so high the weight was too much. The chair fell over. Jumbo Tits couldn't be bothered picking up the chair. She continued to pile more stuff on it. Eventually the clothes leaked all over the floor and became a floordrobe. Under the mountain of clothes a lone chair leg could be seen protruding.

The Chairdrobe

Have pets? Want an alternative?

Dogs love a good floordrobe, so if you have pets and are concerned about them sleeping on piles of your clothing, why don't you try an alternative! THE DOORDROBE!!

A Doordrobe can be quite a useful alternative, and is a common place to store towels. We have one at Daa Doo Manor which gets used for towels, jackets, and scarves. The only drawback is we can never completely shut the door, because clothes always get wedged in it.
Use a Doordrobe to avoid this

There you go. There are many alternatives to those boring traditional ways to store clothing.
1. Floordrobe
2. Chairdrobe
3. Doordrobe

Try these and you will never run out of storage space. I am sure there are many other alternatives still waiting to be discovered.

Are you a Floordrober?  


  1. OMG I can't believe there is a name for it! haha.. I too have a floordrobe ~ I was ashamed of this before reading your blog, now I will keep my floordrobe with pride.
    Thank you!

    1. Yes Amanda!! You'd be surprised at the number of floordrobes are being kept hidden behind closed doors. There is no need to be ashamed!! Wear your wrinkled floordrobe attire with pride!!!

  2. Lady RebekahwithacoathangerApril 15, 2012 at 7:39 PM

    I had the most amazing floordrobe for the first 27 years of my life and then I met my military man. Lord Sir-yes-sir ruined my floordrobia (floordrobe-utopia)where to choose an outfit I would kick the pile of clothes on my floor and dress myself in whatever would land on my bed/tv/head. Now my wardrobe is where my clothes live rather than cartons of booze and my floor is a dinner plate for my kids... How times change...

    1. hahahaha love the clothes selection - kick the clothes and wear whatever lands on the your head, bed or TV!!! Sorry to hear that you no longer have a floordrobe.

  3. I don't have a floor-robe - I do have a bit of a kist-robe at the end of the bed where clothes do accumulate for a day or two before I put them away. K specialises in a floor-robe - she has it down to an absolute art !! She has to clear it every two weeks when the cleaner comes to clean otherwise her carpet does not get vacuumed !!! She is not always happy about doing this and her way to get around actually putting her clothes away is to then move everything from her floor-robe to the laundry floor where it stays until she can be bothered to do 6 loads of washing which is generally how much clothing is there !!!!

    Have the best week ever - love, hugs and positive energy !

    1. hahaha I love K's technique. Shuffle clothes around from room to room.

      Thanks for the well wishes. I hope to have a wonderful week. You have a good one too :-))

  4. Ha! Love the doggy pic. I have a chairdrobe, sometimes...

    1. Hi Gia - I have a small chairdrobe too. In fact as I am typing this I am leaning against a pile of cardigans and coats I have draped over the back of the chair :-)

    2. Hi Lady Daa Doo,

      I have a mega floordrobe at the moment but I wanted to tell you about my class system for floordrobes and doordrobes. I have my usual clothes stored in the floordrobe but my 'good clothes' get hung over the cupboard door in a modification of your doordrobe! I dont know why if I am standing at the cupboard door the clothes get put on the door rather than in the cupboard.....


    3. Oh Ally, just one more step to put it in the cupboard.. one more step... bah!! life's too short!! Throw it on the door!!

  5. I am married to a chairobe, have sons who are floorobe experts and I have an ironing pile that lives on the sparebed - guess you could call it the guestbedrobe. No need to bring clothes when you visit the spare bed comes with clothes. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Nice one Jacana!! I like the idea of the guestbedrobe :-))