Monday, November 19, 2012

Fishing - The Great Scam?


One of the best times of my day is the half  hour before I go to sleep. This is Pillow Talk Time. Lord Daa Doo and I lay in bed, he places his hand on my stomach and we talk about our little baby. We discuss and agree on the morals and values we will teach our little one. We discuss and disagree on names for our baby. We share stories about our own childhood and it's a chance for Lord Daa Doo to connect with the baby because he can feel it wriggle and kick. I love our Pillow Talk Time.

Last night during Pillow Talk Time, Lord Daa Doo gently rested his hand on my stomach and said:

"You know those feelings you get when you want to clean and get everything ready for the baby?"

"Yes" I said.
Ashamedly, I've recently received a world champion title for nagging. I've been whinging and begging for Lord Daa Doo to sort out the spare bedroom and clear out his shit so we can make room for the baby stuff.

"Well........" he said, ".........I really get these strong feelings like I need go fishing more".

At that point I sat up in bed and stared at him for 1 minute before responding.

"What!??!!  You need to go fishing more??!!"

"Yes" he said calmly.

"You NEED to go fishing??!!" I repeated in a tone that was higher and louder, just so the neighbours could hear.

"Yes. I really feel like I want to fish more. It's kinda like I have this urge to hunt for food and look after you both."

I eyeballed Lord Daa Doo suspiciously. In my opinion, I was suspicious he was trying to avoid clearing and sorting out his shit. I was suspicious he was trying to scam some undeserved recreation time.

"You have an urge to hunt for food??" Again my voice increased in pitch and volume.

I stared into his eyes, he blinked back at me. I continued to stare at him trying to conjure my lie radar that can detect a lie within a 5 metre radius. He blinked back. The detector didn't go off. There was nothing. He was telling the truth!! Then it dawned on me. He is nesting!!

Men must get those nesting and nurturing urges too!!

It was at that point I gave him a big hug and said "Of course,  you must go fishing!!" he grinned. So I smiled back lovingly and added,  "After you clean your frigging shit out of that room!!"


  1. He needs to go fishing now because he's not going to go fishing again until at least 2016.

    1. hahhahaa!! very true!! I might allow a few extra fishing trips between now and due date.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Sheri. When it was all happening there was a moment when I didn't think it was cute. Now I think it's cute.