Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hot Red Leather


I am happy to say something amazing has come into my life. It is hot, red, luxurious, and it rocks!!  I have found real love and real comfort. In my lifetime I have used many, perhaps I've even loved some of them. However nothing compares to this. It feels sensational and it totally understands every curve of my body.

When I'm at work, all I can think about is coming home to sit on it and feel it. I've only known it for 2 weeks, yet my body feels like it has known it for a lifetime.

I know it is there for me, to support me, to hold me and soothe me.I feel possessive and I don't want to share. I get jealous and angry if it is touched by others. It is just for me and I will scratch and fight anyone who dares go near it. I know it will be so popular, with anyone who enters my house, so I have created a sign to warn others to keep their arses away!!

I'm in love and it's all mine!!


  1. Looks comfy !!!!! Have a great day !

    1. It is very very comfy. I never want to get up.