Sunday, August 18, 2013

Survival: A True Story of Entrapment and Terror - Part One

This is the first installment of a Mother's struggle for survival. This article is a true story and may evoke many emotions. Please be warned. Read this story at your own risk, it may be a trigger for some readers. 
As a second warning, I would suggest you grab a cup of tea and allow yourself time to read. It is a long tale of suffering that will make your hair stand on end.

Note: The names in this article have been changed to protect the identities of the survivors.

Part One - Fight or Flight
The day began like any normal day, I woke feeling happy and anticipated a wonderful wintry day walking in the park with my 3 month old son Finn. After enjoying a leisurely breakfast, I started to pack the baby bag and get the pram ready for a walk. The dogs, after reading signs it was time for 'walkies', bound around the house and followed me closely with wagging tails. I smiled at them and felt happy. I look back now and remember feeling a perfect happiness. It was a beautiful moment before the incident. How quickly a situation can turn around.

At 10:07am, I picked up my son and headed into his bedroom to get him suitably dressed for our walk. It's funny, I remember the exact time. 10:07am. I remember glancing at the clock, and thinking I have the whole day ahead of me.
It would be the last time I looked at a clock for a very long time.

As it was a chilly day, I decided to turn on the fan heater. I didn't want my son to be cold. My dog Layla loves sitting in front of the heater, so I let her come into the room with us. I decided to close the bedroom door to allow the room to heat up quickly. As I closed the door, I had no idea that such a simple act would be the cause of all our grief and suffering.

Now before I go further I must explain. Lord Daa Doo my ever reliable husband (please read with sarcastic tone and eye roll) had removed the door knob several months previously. It was faulty and he had promised to repair it. Of course several months later no new door knob.

I was singing and thought nothing of that stupid door knob. I was too busy deciding on a cute outfit to clothe my son in. I was thinking about the beautiful day we had ahead of us. As the door clicked, I had no concerns, and I turned back continuing to sing to my beautiful boy.

It only took a minute for my brain to register. I went cold.

I turned and looked at the door and calmly thought "hmmmm how will I open it?"
I turned back to my son and said "We will be OK, it will open easy".
I turned to the dog who was relaxing in front of the heater with her ears flapping in the heat. She didn't care.

I turned back to the door and with concern thought "It will open........won't it???"
I turned back to my son, looked at his innocent face and promised  "It will be OK mummy will open it".
I turned to the dog who was giving her ear a good scratch, she obviously didn't give a shit.

I turned back to the door and with slight panic thought "There is no bloody knob, it might not open".
I turned back to my son who was cooing and happily kicking around with no nappy.
I turned to the dog, she was giving her butt a good clean.

I walked back to the door and tried to open it. There was no knob. I stared at it for a while. Yep still no knob. I tried to stick my finger in the tiny hole and turn it.

I. could. not. open. it.

I turned back in time to see my son shoot wee all over himself and the dog. That's when my skin began to crawl and I realised we were in a mess.

My first instinct was to ring Lord Daa Doo so I could yell at him for taking the door knob off and not replacing it for months!!  I wanted the bastard to come home from work and open it!!!
Bugger!! I had no phone, it was sitting on the coffee table!! My next instinct was to go back and try to open the door with my hand and fingers. Perhaps I wasn't trying hard enough the first time. I pushed and pushed on the door, I tried to jam my fingers inside the gap and pry it open. I broke a nail, got angry and gave the door a kick. It would not open. This was real. I was trapped!

I marched to the window thinking I could easily climb out. We had recently installed new fly screens,  I watched them getting installed so I figured it should be easy to remove. I managed to grip one side of the screen and I tried to lift it out of the window frame. It wouldn't pop out. My next idea was to bend it back so I had enough space to crawl through. I pulled and pushed on the screen, it made a horrific screeching noise as the metal started to bend and grind. With all that effort I only managed to bend it enough so my arm could stick out. There was no way my post baby arse could squeeze out that gap!! I poked my arm out and waved it around with anger and frustration, but that didn't help.

I walked over to the wardrobe and found a wire coat hanger. Yes!! I could break out! I bent the hanger into what I thought was an appropriate shape and shoved it into the door latch. I wriggled and poked the hanger around. I pushed and jammed it in, but all I managed to do was bend it more out of shape and stab myself in the hand! Fuuuuuuck!!! By this time I was really starting to panic!!

I stomped back to the window and really started to pound that screen. I pushed and pulled it with great fury. I was an angry lioness and I had to get my cub out of there!! The metal was making a loud screeching noise and I was grunting and sweating. It must've been frightening, because I remember looking around and seeing the dog cower and hide under the cot. My son also stopped cooing and was looking at me silently with wide eyes. I had to calm down and think rationally. Even if I could get the screen off and climb out, I would be outside but the baby and the dog would still be trapped inside. Climbing with the baby in my arms wasn't an option. Although I'm a lady, I'm not the most graceful of creatures, there was a very high chance the climb would result in a fall. It was too risky. The only person I wanted to see hurt at this particular time was Lord Daa Doo !!!! Badly!

I made the decision that the window was not an option. As it was cold, I tried to close the window. The window would not close. I had damaged the screen so much the window would not close. Fucking great! Now we were trapped and would freeze to death!!

My body went into survival mode. I knew panicking would not help, so I took some deep breaths, cuddled my son, and gave the dog a pat. I had to calm down and think. Surely something in the room could help us escape. I went to the cupboard. It was filled with all sorts of junk. I started to rummage and found my sewing bag. Inside I discovered a chopstick (don't ask). It was square shaped on the end so I thought it just might work. Guess what? It fucking didn't!! I was so angry I wanted to snap that chopstick!! I tried to snap it, but it was made of hard plastic so it was super hard and only flicked back hitting me in the face. It wouldn't break. I didn't even get the satisfaction of snapping that rogue chopstick!! I also found numerous potential tools such as tweezers and nail clippers. They didn't work either. The tweezers kept making a stupid snipping noise as I tried to use them and the nail clippers just snapped.

It was helpless, I was trapped, there was no escape. That's when my soul broke. I gave in. I dramatically fell to the floor with my head against the door and wept. I wept for the life on the outside I would miss. I wept for the stinging chopstick shaped welt on my face. I wept for the daytime TV I would never get the chance to watch. I wept for my freedom to get whatever I liked out of the fridge. I wept for my bladder that I knew would soon fill up and cause great pain. It was in between sobs I heard a noise outside.......

Want more? You can read the second installment here. What is the noise? What is outside? Is it danger? Will they survive?


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    1. Hahahahaha! Sorry Marissa. I hope you survive until the next installment :)

  2. Oh dear! I'm with Marissa! It's like a season finale cliffhanger!!!!!! P.S. I would have been right there on the floor sobbing with you ;)

    1. When you find out what happened in the second installment, you will be glad you weren't with me.

  3. This would be one of my worst nightmares! Looking forward to finding out what that noise was and if you survive!

    1. It was a nightmare Becky. I'm a stronger person from the experience.

  4. OMG! One of my greatest fears being revealed here in this post and story! Can't wait to read the installment!

    1. Oh Grace! It was terrifying!! I think this situation is one that many ladies fear.

  5. Oh you poor thing! I'm glad that you gave Lord Daa Doo a kapow when he finally came home!

  6. Oh lordy lord, I need to know, I need to know. IM me pleeeaaaaaase :)
    Can't wait for the next installment