Thursday, August 22, 2013

Survival: A True Story of Entrapment and Terror - Part Two

This is the amazing final installment of a Mother's struggle for survival. This article is a true story and may evoke many emotions. Please be warned. Read this story at your own risk, it may be a trigger for some readers. I suggest you grab a cup of tea and allow yourself some quiet time to read. It is a long tale of suffering. Note: The names in this article have been changed to protect the identities of the survivors. (Except for Lord Daa Doo, he doesn't deserve protecting).

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In the first installment we read the terrifying tale of a mother locked in a room with no escape. After multiple failed attempts to break out, she wept and succumb to entrapment until she heard a noise outside................

Part Two - Hunting, Gathering and the Ultimate Humiliation

I stopped crying and listened. I could hear gentle footsteps in the hallway. "Hello?" I quietly called. No answer. Was it an intruder? Would we get attacked? The footsteps were getting closer. I reached for the chopstick. Surely we would be safe in here. Logic was telling me, if I can't get out, they can't get in!! The footsteps stopped outside the door. I held my breath, crouched down very low and tried to peer under the door.....

 I was met with a cold nose sniffing my eyeball. It was my other dog Maisy!!

She was wondering where the rest of her pack were hiding. She whimpered and seemed upset to be trapped on the other side of the door. Now this particular dog isn't known for being very smart, however I thought I would give it a shot.
"Get help!!" I ordered.
She sniffed, whimpered.
"GO! Get help!!" I yelled.
She had a scratch, and wandered off. I heard her use the dog door and go outside. Yes!! She understood and she was going to get help!! We were saved!! She wasn't a hairy idiot after all. I rushed to the window, in time to see her have a large poo. She sniffed it, turned around and headed back inside. She was a hairy idiot!!

"Bad dog" I yelled.
I don't think she understood. All I managed to do was upset the smarter dog trapped in the room with me, she could understand people noises and thought I was yelling at her.

I leant against the closed door, tears rolling down my face as I pondered our situation, estimating the odds of survival. If we were locked in at around 10am, that meant rescue wouldn't arrive until approximately 4pm, usually the time Lord Daa Doo drags his sorry arse home. A very sorry arse when I'm finished with it!

OK back to survival.

My first priority was the safety and comfort of my son. We were locked in his room, there was an abundance of nappies, so his toileting was covered. He also had food. Thank god I persevered with breastfeeding. Imagine being trapped in a room with a hungry baby!!
The dog? Well she had no food, no water and no toilet.
Me? I was in the same category as the dog. Stuffed!!

I eyeballed the dog
So..............we had no food, no water and no toilet. If we were going to be trapped in here for 6 hours..... things will get desperate............very desperate indeed....

A wild instinct entered and took over my body. It was Woman Vs Wild. If we were to survive, I needed to successfully hunt and gather.

Food first. I went to the cupboard and rummaged around. That cupboard is a time capsule.  I managed to find two After-Dinner Mints in an old coat. They were out of date and appeared melted. I probably  sat on them at some stage. Score!!! It was the first bit of happiness I'd felt for a long time. My food hoarding had finally paid off!! I quickly opened one and popped it straight in my mouth. It tasted like a turd rolled in mint leaves, but I couldn't complain, it was nourishment and much better than being forced to eat the dog. I put the other chocolate aside for later.

I needed to build a shelter so we could wait out the wild storm of the afternoon. I looked at my surroundings for suitable materials that would weather the storm of time. I gathered all the bunny rugs, all the cot blankets and piled them up to make a comfy bed. As I organised the bedding I felt a twinge in my lower stomach. It seemed suspiciously close to my bladder. Ooooh! There it was again.
OH NO!! I needed a comfort stop!! A toilet!!! I took a deep breath and pushed past the pain. If we were to survive, I couldn't let pain slow me down. I continued to focus on finalising our shelter.

I completed the shelter, collected my son and attempted to lay down. Finn didn't want to lay down, he wanted to be held upright. Damn reflux!! He wanted to be held so that his feet pressed against the increasing pain in my expanding bladder. I took a deep breath, stood up and with my legs clamped tight, I hobbled around the room comforting my baby. I hobbled back and forth in great agony. I ended up at the window, just in time to hear a beeping sound coming from next door. That's when I got smacked in the face with a smell I will never forget!

FOOD!!!!! Next door were using their microwave and heating up their lunch!!! They were teasing me with their delicious lunchy sounds and smells!! I could also hear them laughing!! laughing!! They were eating AND they were happy!! HOW DARE THEY!! How fucking dare they!! I jammed my head out the window and took a great big sniff. Mmmmmm casserole!! I could hear more laughter. Mmmmmmm funny casserole!!

Here was my chance to get help, get lunch and relieve the burning in my bladder!!

I opened my mouth to screech H E L P but stopped myself quickly. Oh my pride!! Oh my evil evil pride!! I was too embarrassed to get my neighbour's help. My house was filthy. There were dirty nappies and breastpads hanging around the lounge room. The dirty dishes had ants all over them, there was a pile of washing on the lounge, and the dog had wee'd on the floor and I hadn't been bothered to clean it up yet. I'd rather starve and let my bladder explode than let anyone see the state of my house!!

My bladder heard me, because as my head was jammed out the window sniffing casserole, it decided it was time to explode!! OH NO!!

I clamped my legs super tight and turned my pelvic floor muscles into steel. I wondered how much longer I could hold it in. I guessed it was lunchtime because next door were having lunch, that meant I'd been trapped for around 2 hours. I only had to wait for another 4 hours. Could I do it? OOOOOHHHHH!! The pain!! I felt something slightly warm. Oh no! There was no way I could hold it in for much longer. I'd just had a baby so I knew my limits. I knew I didn't have much time left before the bomb went off!!

I clamped my legs like I've never clamped before and hobbled back to the bunny rug shelter. I placed my son down quickly and with wide panicked eyes, I probed the room for a solution to this pain!

I considered the window, wondering if I could somehow maneuver myself so I could take relief out the window. What if the neighbours eating their delicious casserole looked out the window and saw my post baby butt hanging out? What if I fell and hit my head? I would hate for someone to find me laying on the ground unconscious with no pants on! I would be humiliated!! Try explaining that one!!

OK so not the window. What about a nappy?

I looked at my sons super small nappies. Would it be possible? What if I attached them together and put them in my pants? Would that work? As I held those tiny nappies, I made the decision there was no way those nappies would contain the forthcoming tsunami.

OK so not the nappies. Then what??!!

I spied a small bin, one of those itsy bitsy bins that barely holds a thing. I assessed the size. It was  small, but I was desperate. I had no other option (other then the floor). I moved the bin into a corner of the room, which for some strange reason, felt more appropriate than the middle of the room. Perhaps it felt more discrete but really it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, a wee in a bucket is still a wee in a bucket, no matter where it is placed.

As I lowered myself down for the ultimate humiliation, I looked up through bleary tear-filled eyes and noticed I had an audience. The dog and the baby were watching with fascination. I couldn't make eye contact with them. It felt wrong. It required intense concentration. Intense balance. It was awkward, it was humiliating. Tears streamed down my face, as I found relief and vowed to take revenge!! At that exact moment, Lord Daa Doo had no idea I was so humiliated, weeing in the corner of his son's room!! I vowed that once that bastard gets home, it will be a day he will never forget!!

After such a gruelling traumatic ordeal, the rest of the day was spent napping and cuddling my son. We sang songs of freedom and remembered the stories about life on the outside. Time seemed to pass quickly, but also seemed to stand still. We were in our own little world. No Facebook, no entertainment, no distractions, just each other. Our little room felt safe, except for that itsy bitsy bin that stood in the corner, full to the brim, and mocking me.

We didn't hear Lord Daa Doo come home later that afternoon, we were asleep. He woke us up calling out our names, looking for us. I called out to our rescuer and when he finally managed to open the door, I wept in his arms.

Four seconds later, I let him have it......KAPOW.........................!!!!!!!!!

Ten seconds later, I ordered him to look the other way, and I carried that itsy bitsy pissy bin outta there!!

Half an hour later, that friggen door knob was fixed!!

If someone had said to me that morning. "In a few hours you will be in a corner weeing in your son's room, starving and trapped", I would laugh in their face, say "pass the butter" and shake my head in disbelief.
In times of survival, a human will go to extreme lengths in order to survive. I will never forget the pain of this day. The wounds have almost healed, but there have been times of regression, when I wake up screaming to find myself squatting in the corner of a room. I've done something a lady should never have to do. I went to that extreme. It is something I now have to live with.

If you or someone you know has been forced to wee in an itsy bitsy bin; or has been forced to witness it, don't be afraid to talk about it and get help.


  1. This story triggered a memory of a milkshake container.....hmm

  2. Now I am the sister of Lord Daa Doo, you may refer to me as the Emperess Ally, I would like to summarise the telephone conversation I had with Lord Daa Doo some time after your entrapment, Lord Daa Doo said in response to my question regarding what was news: "Oh yeah Lady Daa Doo and my son got locked in the spare room while I was at work" When I enquired if they were ok he said "Yeah they just napped and hung out with Lolly the dog"

    1. Just napping??!! He said just napping??!! Oh thank you for dobbing Emperess Ally! I don't care if it's his birthday today!! I am going to give him napping!!

  3. Oh dear! I am so relieved to hear you are safe. Aside from the being locked up bit, the quiet time with Finn sounds heavenly ;)

    1. Yes we are safe and sound. The quiet time was good and it was sort of like camping.