Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daa Macadamia Doo Doos

I had a desperate hankering for chocolate! I had nothing in the fridge and nothing in the cupboard. I should know because I went back and forth and checked at least 15 times in each. Nothing materialised!!!

I decided to make my own. I based my creation on some recipes recently circulating Facebook showing how to make healthy treats using stuff like dates and cacao powder. I decided to make a version of macadamia chocolate balls.

This is how I imagined they would turn out......................

This is how they actually turned out. They look great! So much better than the original!!

I've called them Daa Macadamia Doo Doos. Which is a fancy way of saying the macadamia's covered in shit.
Now before you all go crazy and send a flurry of messages to my inbox, begging for the recipe! I was already prepared for the comment onslaught and thought I would post my recipe so you can share these delicious treats.

I think I might become a food blogger, so I took some arty food photos as well.

Daa Macadamia Doo Doos

Some old macadamias you found at the back of the cupboard after looking for the 5th time.
4 tbsp of coconut oil you didn't mix properly before using.
4 shakes of cacao powder.
3 tbsp of dried up candied honey that had a couple of ants in it.

On a low heat, place the coconut oil and honey in a small saucepan. Walk away, open Facebook, get distracted and forget about it.

Realise you forgot, rush back to the stove. By this stage, the mixture should have boiled, the honey has started to separate and everything is slightly stuck to the pan. Remove from heat.

Holding a tablespoon over the saucepan and shake the box of cacao powder on to the spoon. Ensure you shake it too hard and a shit load comes flying out into the saucepan, all over your arm and covers the bench. Give it another shake so this time even more comes flying out into the mixture. Tell yourself you should've measured better.

Wonder if you should start again, but decide you can't be bothered, plus you like it chocolaty. Mix it all in so that it forms a gluggy paste similar to playdough consistency.

Once you've mixed it all in, realise you don't have any chocolate ball molds. Search the cupboards for a solution and settle on a tray designed for freezing baby food.

Throw in 3 to 4 macadamias in each section, and put dollops of the chocolate mix in. The mixture is very thick, so you might need to get another spoon to remove it from the original spoon. If you can't be bothered. Your finger will do.

Put the tray in the freezer to set.



*When I say "enjoy" I don't mean eat, because these buggers are inedible and taste worse than accidentally getting baby poo in your mouth.
When I say "enjoy" I mean enjoy being a laughing stock and a cooking failure who will never amount to anything in the kitchen.

I would love to find out how you went cooking your macadamia balls. Please send me a photo of your final result.



  1. LOL - you should definitely become a food blogger - I would read all your recipes !!!!
    I hope that by now you have found some edible chocolate.
    Have the best day !

  2. Absolutely cacked myself laughing reading this. I thought they might still be edible despite looking a bit "howdy doody", such a shame they weren't ... ;-)

  3. You are hilarious, they look terrible but I bet they taste DIVINE and you know what - it's what's on the inside that matters, and never judge a Doo Doo by its cover :) xxx