Friday, February 21, 2014

Lord Lycra


Next Monday I become a working mother. I'm returning to work after enjoying over a year off raising and nurturing my little boy. It's going to heartbreaking. I have spent a whole year, day and night, with my little guy. Although I am going to miss him, I'm also looking forward to returning to work. It will be wonderful to finally peel myself out of comfy Lycra and wear clothes free from vomit.

Lord Daa Doo is taking time off work to become my house husband. He will be a stay-at-home dad and look after Flynn. I think this is a wonderful chance for my boys to spend time together and have some fun. Lord Daa Doo is very excited and is looking forward to it. The notion of the house husband is becoming more common. I know of a few stay-at-home-dads.

I expect I will come home to some hilarious scenarios involving body fluids and mishaps. I am prepared for Flynn to wear clothes that are not coordinated. I know all our whites will become pink on washing day. I know there will be half eaten food smeared everywhere. I just hope I don't come home and find Lord Daa Doo wearing Lycra.


  1. GO Lord Daa Doo, my hubby would LOVE to do this, a shame he earns twice as much as me - but if roles are ever reversed he'll be sending my ass quicker than you can say daytime TV. All the best for back to work xx

  2. Good luck! Go Lord and Lady Daa Doo. Make it work. I'd love to do this. The Lord of my house is less enthusiastic. But still insistent on having four kids in total.

    I'm sewing my legs together next week.

  3. LOL, he might rock the lycra!
    Congrats, it is so nice to be able to share the love.