Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Big Fat Vintage Wedding - The Dress

For my Big Fat Vintage Wedding, I wore a Big Fat Vintage Dress!! I chose a antique style,  blush pink, coloured dress. It was covered in Chantilly lace and included tiny swarovski crystals. The front of the dress was detailed with antique styled beading. It was luxurious and I wanted to wear it forever!!

Have a look at how I accessorised my Big Fat Vintage Wedding, or see how the Ladies primped and preened!


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    1. Thanks Emily. It's a sigh worthy dress :-)

  2. I just got this in my inbox - have you had more posts and I haven't been getting them? Love this dress - stunning!

    1. Well hello Emily! Nooooo I've been one lazy busy boring unmotivated blogger.