Monday, June 9, 2014

Feeding your Toddler: Tips from a Stay-at-Home-Lord

Lord Daa Doo is a house husband and a stay-at-home-lord of the manor. He has managed to keep our son thriving for months now. This is because he has rather unique parenting and housekeeping techniques.

Now I am a mum, I can absolutely understand that feeding your toddler can be one of life's greatest challenges. I have learnt how to give my toddler his own spoon to play with so he doesn't scream and try to wrench the one out of my hand. I have been covered in spaghetti, noodles and have found peas hidden in the most intimate of places. The one challenge I have is how the feck do I keep a bowl on the fecking table??  Those sucky bowls just don't work!!! Lord Daa Doo has a solution.

Lord Daa Doo doesn't like to brag, so you won't see him blogging about his fabulous parenting, his cooking, or his art and craft. I guess it is up to me to share his wondrous tips.

Today I would  like to share Lord Daa Doo's tips for successfully keeping the bowl stuck to the table!! 



Ordinary sticky tape just won't work. You must use industrial grade space tape. A toddler has the ability to grab and propel a bowl with the equivalent force and velocity of a rocket taking off. This is why the tape must be NASA approved.

As you can see, feeding this particular toddler has been very dangerous work. The scuffs on the table are from hundreds of bowls and utensils being dragged and scraped with superhuman force. The hi-vis vest in the background must be worn by any occupants in the building during feeding times.

So far, this method has been a success. Feeding times are less likely to result in a black eye soaked in spaghetti. They are more likely to result in the toddler's hands being stuck to their dinner. I also chose not to show the photo of the toddler being taped to the chair..........

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  1. There is just the faintest hint in the photograph that an industrial adhesion of the fingertips also assists?

    I look forward to his Lordship's future tips, including any about the age-old problem of young gentlemen peeing on the floor. More sticky tape, perhaps? Ouch!

    1. Yes absolutely Ed!! I think tape is the solution for almost anything!

  2. Practical tips! I love it! I'm a messy person, so I might have to try this on myself. Thanks for linking up!

  3. It's only June so there's still plenty of time to nominate Lord Daa Doo for Father of the year. Brilliant! And, if not Best Dad then at least a nomination on the New Inventors is a must.

    Tell me - does he have different colours for different place settings. if not, WHY NOT!

  4. OMG what a crack up!!!!! I NEVER EVER thought of that while feeding my son when he was a toddler. This is why (some) dads make AWESOME stay at home dads! still laughing...

  5. I'm trying this next meal time might even stick child to the chair too :)

  6. I literally have never thought of this in my life! Genius.

  7. Oh my that is GOLD, I wish I had read this years ago.... what a LEGE, a mofo LEGE I tell you! Thanks for linking x

  8. I'm impressed. Lord daa-doo should patent it xx