Sunday, November 9, 2014

Steam Sniffing Sunday

On Saturday as I was pottering in the yard,  I could hear the sound of a steam train tootling and chooting for most of the day. There is something mysterious about the sound of a steam train, it's steam-filled wail is haunting and invokes feelings of adventure and child-like excitement. I grew up near the Zig-Zag Railway in the Blue Mountains, so for me, the tooting reminds me of a carefree time long-gone. long long long gone........

I opened up the Internet machine and googled like a crazy trainspotter that had been snorting the purest coal steam. My googling internet machine told me there was a steam train running all weekend from Newcastle to Port Waratah and it was the last time a steam train will depart from Newcastle Station before it is closed.

My son loves trains, so I used him as an excuse to get packed, drag the family out, and get my arse on a stream train and sniff the soot!



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