Who is Lady Daa Doo?


photographed by Xanthe

It's all much ado about nothing.

 I look at life through a lady lens and write about my past, present and future.  I'm a self-appointed connoisseur on all things lady-like.

I provide advice and opinions on how to conduct oneself in a lady-like manner. I am of the opinion that a modern lady can use the F-Bomb, in a very lady-like way.
I am very talented and can play a multitude of 'Air' instruments. My specialities are Air-drums and Air-bass. When I get drunk, I am renowned for doing ‘The Caterpillar’ and can be found in the middle of the dance floor slithering over the handbags that ladies dance around.

I married Lord Daa Doo in May 2012. Lord Daa Doo lives for the present and doesn't like to rush things. He is inventive, and spends lots of time in the shower inventing shit to make our lives easier. Often they make things more complicated. My house is full of bits and pieces of electronics, tools, components, scraps and his junk! These come in handy when I feel like having a tantrum and throwing stuff around! Lord Daa Doo is competent at ducking and I haven't hit him yet.

Lord Daa Doo and I have been renovating the Manor for the last eight years. He renovates and I supervise. I like to think I am creative and have lots of artistic interior decorating ideas. Most of our renovating tasks are half finished. It's not that we get bored or a lazy! We are just inspired by the next brilliant idea!

Lord Daa Doo and I had been trying to have children for six years. During that time we experienced joy, loss and heartbreak. We have six angel babies, who we think about and miss every day.

In 2013, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. This little boy is our honeymoon baby and a real miracle. He is now a toddler and is giving me hell.

You can contact me on  TWITTER, FACEBOOK or email ladydaadoo@gmail.com